SwitchMed is looking for access to and use of an open innovation platform as a subscription-based service

The objective of this contract is the delivery of a subscription service giving access and use to a software as a service platform on open innovation that will contain the innovation services of SCP/RAC.

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SwitchMed is developing activities aiming at creating demand for sustainable products and services from both companies and public entities. A way of fostering this demand is through the promotion of eco-innovation as a way of supporting organisations to incorporate new green and circular solutions in their business models.

For this purpose, SwitchMed aims to develop a specific online platform to facilitate the identification and adoption of eco-innovations by companies. This platform will also be the communication window through which the solutions available in the market or to be developed and the innovation needs from third actors are given visibility.

Objectives of the platform

This platform should be customizable and include a content management system allowing SwitchMed to:

a) Identify, create and disseminate eco-innovation needs and challenges based on the business and public institutions green and circular needs;
b) Collaboratively manage this process through the registration of users and the ideas’ submission;
c) Follow-up and manage the applications;
d) Showcase eco-innovative solutions/innovations proposed by individuals, start-ups, companies or other actors tackling sustainability and circular challenges;
e) Create specific informative and training contents about open innovation;
f) Allow interaction between users through a community based space.

The subscription service and the platform with its functionalities should be active for 36 months.


Description of Work

The consultant shall develop the following work:
– Provision of an already developed open innovation platform as a Software as a service.
– Customize the structure of the platform based on the contents provided by the SCP/RAC.
– Design of the website based on The Switchers visual identity.
– Programming and integration of forms and functionalities. Checking and testing of the functionalities.
– The first load of content in the different languages (English and French) which will include newly created content. The platform should allow an Arabic version.
– Consultancy and advisory services to ensure the technical support and incident management necessary for the creation and launch of the website, as well as its maintenance and the improvement of some of its features or functionalities, during 36 months.
– Technical support to the SCP/RAC in the management of the website; security and recovery copy service, if needed.
– A user manual should be provided.

Complete details for the assignment are provided in the terms of reference.

Deadline: Interested candidates are kindly requested to submit their proposals no later than 26 May 2021 (included).