Reducing the resource consumption, waste, and pollution coming from the textile and garment industry, is a priority for the Mediterranean region.

Together with local actors and international brands, UNIDO is setting up a scheme to identify opportunities for valorizing post-industrial and pre-consumer waste streams from the textile and garment industries in Egypt, Morocco, and Tunisia. In addition, UNIDO is cooperating with the ZDHC foundation to establish local capacities that can assist the textile and garment producers in phasing-out hazardous chemicals from their value chain.

  • Egypt

    Developing circular value chains for the textile industry in Egypt.

  • Morocco

    Developing circular value chains for the textile industry in Morocco.

  • Tunisia

    Developing circular and greener value chains for the textile industry in Tunisia.



Improving the circularity of packaging to reduce waste and sustaining value in the plastics packaging supply chain.

Plastic has become the universal packaging material of our economies. Most plastics rarely get a second chance and instead end up in the waste. This wasteful behaviour not only contributes to mounting plastic pollution, but is also a missed economic opportunity for societies as valuable resources are being wasted.  Together with the Government of Israel, UNIDO contributes in SwitchMed to improve the Extended Producer Responsibility scheme for plastic packaging in Israel, extending the lifetime of plastic in the local value chain and thereby reducing waste.

  • Israel

    Contributing to a more circular plastics packaging industry in Israel.