14th MedWaves Focal Points Meeting: Advancing Sustainable Solutions for the Mediterranean Region

During the meeting, the National Focal Points (referred to as "NFPs") expressed their appreciation for the valuable work and outstanding results accomplished by SCP/RAC in the development of its activities, which provide support to the countries under the MAP Programme of Work for the biennium 2022-2023. The meeting aimed to address the pressing environmental and social challenges faced by Mediterranean countries and explore sustainable solutions.

Published on Wednesday 28 June 2023· START-UPS AND ENTREPRENEURS

One of the highlights of the event was a presentation by Giorgio Mosangini, Team Leader of Green Entrepreneurship and Civil Society, who described the latest achievements of the Switchers Support Program operating under the EU framework. Mosangini elaborated on how the SwitchMed II program provides support to entrepreneurs with innovative ideas in both established and emerging sectors, fostering sustainable development in different Mediterranean regions.

More specifically, the development of the blue economy model was established as a continuation of the successful implementation of the previous SwitchMed green initiative. The meeting placed strong emphasis on the significance of setting sustainable goals for the blue economy sectors, accompanied by appropriate solutions. All participating countries highlighted the importance of involving international public and private stakeholders in these dedicated projects within the Mediterranean region. These goals are considered crucial for addressing the environmental and social challenges faced by the Mediterranean region.

The meeting identified several sectors as key opportunities for implementing the blue business model and incubation program in various main sectors, including:

Coastal and marine tourism

Fisheries and aquaculture

Biotechnology related to off-shore and on-shore aquaculture applications

Onshore aquaculture (with potential synergies with coastal tourism)

Coastal tourism

Port activities

Offshore and onshore aquaculture

Notably, the participation of women in these programs has been remarkable, with a significant representation of 41% from Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, and Palestine combined. Looking ahead, Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, and Tunisia are still in the process of establishing their implementation plans, taking inspiration from the best practices set by their neighboring countries

Another notable aspect of the SwitchMed program, which centers around the blue economy, is its ability to demonstrate impact through the use of an impact measurement dashboard tool. This tool facilitates the evaluation of green, social, and economic objectives, thereby highlighting the program’s comprehensive approach to sustainability in the region. By sharing knowledge, best practices, and innovative ideas, these countries are working together to achieve a prosperous and resilient future for the Mediterranean region.