Algeria: the Green Entrepreneurship Programme initiated with the launch of the National Switchers Support Partnership

The Green Entrepreneurship Programme started last week in Algeria with the launch of the partnership, a first decisive step towards accelerating the transition to a green and circular economy in the country.

Published on Wednesday 10 March 2021· START-UPS AND ENTREPRENEURS

The SwitchMed Green Entrepreneurship Programme has made further progress! This time, they come from Algeria, which launched its National Switchers Support Partnership (PNS) via a virtual meeting organized on Tuesday 2 March 2021. The Centre National des Technologies de Production plus Propre (CNTPP) , an implementing partner of SwitchMed’s Green Entrepreneurship Programme in Algeria, organized this meeting with future members of the National Partnership, i.e. support structures for the development of sustainable businesses.

18 representatives from 14 different Algerian structures participated in the virtual session and expressed their interest in sharing this initiative (see list below). A national workshop will be organized soon to discuss the methods and formalization of this collaboration.

As for the other five countries beneficiaries of SwitchMed in which this activity has already started, the constitution of the Algerian PNS  is the first step in the implementation of the Green Entrepreneurship Programme on a local level. This national partnership will support the Algerian ecosystem for the development of sustainable and circular business models. It will bring together public, private and non-profit support structures to develop a comprehensive service offering for green entrepreneurs. More tangibly, once this partnership is formalized, the Regional Activity Centre for Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP/RAC), which manages this activity within the framework of the SwitchMed Programme, will be able to organize training of trainers in order to transfer all the tools and methodologies to the latter. Secondly, the trainers will use these tools in turn to train green entrepreneurs in the different phases of their business development (ideation, creation, start-up and launch) and effectively contribute to sustainable development.

List of structures:
SwitchMed focal point at the Ministry of the Environment
SwitchMed focal point at the Ministry of Industry
Local partner: Centre National des Technologies de Production plus Propre – CNTPP
Agence Nationale d’Appui et de Développement de l’Entrepreneuriat – ANADE
Agence Nationale de Développement de l’Investissement – ANDI
Agence Nationale de Promotion et de Développement des Parcs Technologiques – ANPT
Agence Nationale de Valorisation des résultats de la Recherche et du Développement Technologique – ANVREDET
Association des Femmes en Économie Verte – AFEV
Association Environnemental et Développement Durable – AEDD
Association Nationale des Echanges entre Jeunes – ANEJ
Centre de Développement des Energies Renouvelables – CDER
Centre de Développement des Technologies Avancées – CDTA
Centre de Recherche en Environnement – CRE
Institut National Algérien de la Propriété Industrielle – INAPI