First edition of EMWWR shines at Annual EWWR Awards Ceremony in Dublin

The annual EWWR Awards Ceremony took place on 1 June in Dublin and revealed the names of the most outstanding awareness-raising actions on waste reduction implemented in November 2022. The ceremony welcomed 70 participants in the hall and nearly 50 participants who followed the ceremony online, celebrating the European Week for Waste Reduction.

Published on Tuesday 13 June 2023· POLICY

Maria López Modesto, communications officer at MedWaves, introduced participants to the Euro-Med Weeks for Waste Reduction (EMWWR) and presented the winners’ actions of the 1st edition of the EMWWR.

The EMWWR is a sister campaign to EWWR that aims to create awareness on waste prevention in the Mediterranean region. The 2022 edition focused on textile waste prevention and treatment in line with the EU Sustainable & Circular Textiles Strategy. The aim of the 2022 edition was to recognize the work accomplished by public and private stakeholders, raise awareness on waste reduction strategies, and mobilize citizens, particularly youth, in conducting waste prevention and recovery actions.

The winners of the 1st edition of EMWWR were:

“Young creators: ready, set, sew!”: The association “Horizons arts and culture” engaged young people in a sewing workshop to recreate a piece of clothing, along with other activities promoting clothes bartering and donation. “From old t-shirts to reusable bags”: Eco Peace Middle East worked with youth to create cloth bags from old t-shirts, promoting their use and conducting an awareness campaign. “Fashion show at the recycling center”: Association pour la conservation de la biodiversité dans le golfe de Gabès (Ascob syrtis) organized activities including textile recycling center visits, clothing transformation workshops, and a fashion show. “Voice up! Let’s speak about the impact of textile waste on the environment”: The Jordanian Society for Desertification Control & Badia Development raised awareness through a public campaign and provided training on clothes repair.

These actions showcased the creativity and commitment of the action developers in contributing to waste reduction and sustainability. Being part of the EMWWR provided an opportunity to make a bigger impact outside of Europe and involve countries in the Southern Mediterranean region. For those who missed the opportunity to follow the event live, the recording is available here.

The EMWWR Awards Ceremony in Dublin celebrated outstanding actions and inspired others to join the movement for waste reduction and a more sustainable future.