Call for industries in Palestine to apply for a pilot project on Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP)

Under the scope of the SwitchMed/MED TEST III project in Palestine, industries can now apply for a pilot project to improve resource efficiency in their production. The RECP pilots will commence in July 2021 and involve locally trained service providers using the UNIDO TEST methodology.

Published on Sunday 16 May 2021· INDUSTRY AND SERVICE PROVIDERS

Under the EU-funded SwitchMed/MED TEST III project, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) will undertake industry demonstrations in Palestine to demonstrate the TEST methodology’s effectiveness as a tool to improve productivity while saving costs.

Integrating practices and technologies that can lead to greater efficiency and opportunities for innovation and value creation while improving productivity is central to the Transfer of Environmental Sound Technologies (TEST) approach. In partnership with the Palestinian Ministry of National Economy MoNE, the Environment Quality Authority EQA, and Palestine Federation of Industries PFI, the MED TEST III project supports industries to produce more resource efficient, more cost-efficient and with a better environmental performance.


Industries from Palestine with significant flows of materials and water are invited to apply for the MED TEST III pilot projects. They will be carried out through a joint team of locally trained service providers and international experts following the internationally recognized TEST methodology.

All interested candidates should fill in this FORM. Applications will be accepted only until midnight (Jerusalem time) the 3 June 2021.

Applications will be evaluated against the following criteria.

Within the previous MED TEST II project, implemented in the period from 2015 – 2017, ten pilot companies from the food and beverage industry in Palestine identified improvement measures with the potential to save 2.4 million euros in annual production costs.

Under the second phase of the SwitchMed programme, capacities in Palestine can lead to an uptake of preventive environmental strategies to processes, products, and services that can increase material and energy efficiency while improving the competitive and environmental performance of businesses to be built.

The food and beverage sector will remain the priority sector for the MED TEST III project in Palestine, with the possibility to open up also to other industrial sectors based on the commitment of interested companies, the scaling-up potential for RECP and available technical capacities.

The UNIDO TEST methodology is an integrated approach that supports manufacturing businesses to optimize material, water, and energy flows within production processes, saving production costs while reducing pollution at the same time. The methodology builds around the complementing RECP tools – Cleaner Production Assessment, Environmental Management System (EMS) and Material Flow Cost Accounting (MFCA) that can cost-effectively identify the most relevant areas of improvement based on the type of business.

For any clarifications, please contact Mr. Said Dwikat, the UNIDO National Coordinator in Palestine for MED TEST III –

For further details about the scope of MED TEST III in Palestine, click here.