Eyes On Earth Ceremony: Sustainable Innovation in Forest Conservation

We are thrilled to announce the date for the Eyes on Earth Ceremony—the grand finale of the #EyesOnEarth competition.

Published on Friday 29 September 2023· NETWORKING FACILITY

This event, set to take place on Thursday, November 23, is a culmination of a venture that has invited professionals, organizations, and civil society groups from the Southern Neighbourhood to showcase their remarkable projects dedicated to sustainable business models.

Double the Celebration: Join Us at EcoSwitch Live Inauguration!

In an exciting turn of events, EU Neighbours South, in collaboration with the EcoSwitch Coalition, invites you to attend the EcoSwitch live inauguration on the same day. Join us at the BDD (Beirut Digital District) rooftop from 2:30 to 5:30 PM—an opportunity to witness environmental commitment and innovation firsthand.

Marking the Journey: #EyesOnEarth Competition Recap:

The primary objective of the #EyesOnEarth competition has been to underscore the critical importance of forest preservation and management. The competition has showcased exemplary projects in four key sectors:

Biodiversity Conservation: Protecting and preserving the diversity of plant and animal species, along with their habitats, within forest ecosystems.

Forest Regeneration: Initiatives aiming to establish new green areas or restore previously forested areas after disturbance or depletion.

Forest-based Bio-economy: Economic and social activities leveraging forest resources and biomass to produce renewable materials, energy, and other bio-based products.

Circular Economy Business Strategies: Products or services addressing land-based pollution sources affecting forests, featuring eco-design and eco-innovation.

Recognizing Excellence: The Eyes on Earth Ceremony:

The competition has brought forth a remarkable array of projects aimed at fostering sustainable living. The finalists and winners in each category will be recognized at the Eyes on Earth Ceremony.

Awards and Recognition:

The closing Awards Ceremony will honor outstanding projects, with the top three in each category receiving prestigious prizes:

1st Prize: A cash prize of 1500 euros provided by DG NEAR and a 2000 euros voucher for services or training for the business.

2nd Prize: A cash prize of 1000 euros provided by DG NEAR and a 1500 euros voucher for services or training for the business.

“Coup de Coeur” Prize: A trophy and certificate for the public’s favorite project.

As we eagerly anticipate this double celebration, we not only look forward to applauding the achievements of the competition but also to fostering a community dedicated to driving positive environmental change in the Mediterranean region.

Stay tuned for the upcoming announcement of the ceremony date, and join us as we prepare to shine a spotlight on the outstanding efforts and achievements in the realm of forest conservation and sustainable innovation.