Empowering More Green Entrepreneurs in Jordan: The Collaborative Training Journey of BDC and Medwaves with Syrian Refugees

In the dynamic landscape of business development, the Business Development Center (BDC) stands as a beacon of innovation and sustainability. Partnered with MedWaves within the framework of the SwitchMed green initiative funded by the EU, and serving as the lead partner in Jordan, BDC actively implements and shapes the future of sustainable businesses in the region with Syrian Refugees

Published on Tuesday 20 February 2024· START-UPS AND ENTREPRENEURS

SwitchMed Green Initiative: Cultivating Green Entrepreneurship

At the core of BDC’s impactful initiatives lies its collaboration with SwitchMed, a pioneering green project to nurturing green entrepreneurship across the Mediterranean region. BDC’s role as the leading implementing partner in Jordan has facilitated the seamless integration of SwitchMed’s expertise into the local business ecosystem

One noteworthy endeavor is the Green Training of Trainers (TOT) program conducted by BDC in collaboration with SwitchMed in November 2023. This transformative initiative aims to qualify a cadre of skilled green trainers who will play a pivotal role in disseminating SwitchMed’s innovative methodologies.

These certified trainers are not only equipped to impart knowledge but are set to become the vital in training aspiring green entrepreneurs. Their expertise will find application in the Green Innovation project, an EU-funded initiative led by BDC and a consortium of partners.

Green Innovation Project: Fostering Sustainable Businesses among Syrian refugees.

The Green Innovation project represents a consolidation of the impactful partnership between BDC and SwitchMed. This EU-funded initiative targets the development of sustainable businesses, with a particular focus on Syrian refugees. Through the project, BDC aims to apply SwitchMed’s methodologies, including the Green Business Canvas—a tool designed to guide entrepreneurs in developing sustainable and environmentally conscious business models.

Inclusivity in Action: Impact on Refugees and Locals

The Green Innovation project embodies the spirit of inclusivity and resilience. It provides a platform for individuals from diverse backgrounds to collaborate, learn, and contribute to the growth of sustainable businesses. Mohammad Al-Qaisi, the Project Manager for this new implementation, provides the following testimonial:

“It is our pleasure to collaborate with you and the SwitchMed Program at Medwaves on the groundbreaking green entrepreneur training initiative. We’re excited to inform you that the project, while indeed focusing on the Azraq and Zarqa areas, is not limited to the camp settings. This broader scope allows us to impact a wider community, aligning with our mutual goal of fostering sustainable development and entrepreneurship.

We are currently in the outreach phase, aiming to provide comprehensive training to approximately 300 individuals over about 12 workshops, with a focus on ensuring participation from 70% Syrian refugees and 30% Jordanians. The training sessions are scheduled to begin in April 2024, and we are meticulously selecting various locations based on the outreach outcomes to facilitate access for all participants”

Benefits of the Partnership: A Win-Win Collaboration

The collaboration between BDC and Medwaves is a shining example of a win-win partnership. BDC leverages SwitchMed’s project wealth of knowledge and proven methodologies, while SwitchMed finds in BDC a dedicated and strategic partner for implementing its vision in Jordan.

This strategic alliance underscores a commitment to not only train individuals but to empower them to contribute actively to sustainable business practices, especially among the Syrian refugee community. Together, they are not just building businesses; they are fostering a culture of sustainability and empowerment.