EMWWR winners: Driving Change for a Sustainable Mediterranean

The Mediterranean region is facing an environmental challenge—packaging waste. In response to this urgent issue, the second edition of the Euro-Mediterranean Waste Reduction Campaign (EMWWR) is set to make waves, empowering communities and individuals to lead the charge toward a circular economy.

Published on Tuesday 19 December 2023· POLICY

EMWWR, inspired by the success of the European Week for Waste Reduction (EWWR), is a collaborative initiative led by ACR+ and MedWaves, with unwavering support from the EU through the SwitchMed Programme. This powerful campaign is dedicated to raising awareness and mobilizing action for a more sustainable future in the Mediterranean region.

And the winners are:


Main Activities: Waste Reduction Program: Launch awareness campaigns and upcycling workshops. Highlight a unique refill system for products like soap, candles, and sprays. Educational Workshops: Targeted programs for youth, emphasizing upcycling experience workshops and zero-waste animator training, with a focus on women. Collaboration Platform with Local Businesses: Partner with local businesses for eco-packaging solutions, emphasizing marketing and promotion strategies. Empowerment of Women: Train women as zero-waste animators, actively involving them in the waste reduction program and upcycling workshops. Youth Engagement: Mobilize and encourage youth to lead in waste prevention, implementing educational programs and upcycling workshops. Community Engagement: Engage families, employees, coastal community members, and tourists to foster a mindset shift towards sustainable practices.

Multi Aid Programs – MAPs

Main Activities: Recruit youth as ambassadors for environmental sustainability. Conduct awareness sessions about PET plastic waste and collaborate with universities and organizations for PET bottle collection. Provide 3D design training and workshops to create 3D-printed products using recycled PET. Engage youth in conferences and events addressing environmental issues. Display and sell 3D-printed products at events to fund the project.

Recycle Lebanon – TerraPods

Main Activities: TerraPods Bio-Design Youth Fellowship: A 7-day program to develop green and circular businesses, focusing on plant-based materials and reuse packaging. Mitigate climate change effects through innovative alternatives to packaging. Mobilize youth (18 to 35) in preventing packaging waste. Showcase resulting products in an onsite art exhibit and sell them at the EcoSouk marketplace.

APLM – Protection of Our Sea and Lagoon

Main activities: Four workshops will be developed, concentrating on coastal cleanups and waste analysis, sustainable living practices and waste reduction strategies, the role of women entrepreneurs in the circular economy, and community engagement to discuss findings from previous workshops.

As these initiatives unfold, they promise not only environmental benefits but also economic growth, community empowerment, and a brighter future for the region. EMWWR is not just a campaign; it’s a catalyst for positive change in the Mediterranean.