Eyes on Earth Contest: Public Voting Now Open!

The EU Neighbours South programme, in collaboration with SwitchMed/MedWaves and EFI Mediterranean Facility, alongside the support of ENICBCMED, launched the Eyes on Earth contest as part of its 2023 Environment-focused campaign. Building on the success of previous years, the contest returns on the occasion of the International Day of Forests, celebrated on 21st March.

Published on Monday 25 March 2024· NETWORKING FACILITY

The primary objective of the Eyes on Earth contest is to shine a spotlight on the critical need for environmental preservation and to champion sustainable business models within the Southern Neighbourhood countries of the European Union. We invited professionals, organizations, CSOs/CBOs, and NGOs from these regions to showcase their innovative projects and initiatives that contribute to biodiversity conservation, forest regeneration, forest-based bio-economy, and circular economy strategies.

Aligned with the new EU forest strategy for 2030, the contest seeks to answer the pivotal question, “How can we preserve our forests?” by encouraging novel approaches and initiatives that ensure the protection and sustainability of these vital ecosystems. By doing so, we aim to contribute to cleaner air, healthier ecosystems, and a more sustainable future for all.

Cast Your Vote Now!

Now is your chance to be a part of this exciting initiative! Public voting is officially open, and we invite you to browse through the remarkable projects submitted by our finalists. Each project represents a unique vision and commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability. Your vote will help determine the winner of the #PublicChoiceAward, so make your voice heard and support the project that resonates with you the most.

Click here to view the finalists and cast your vote!

Meet the Finalists

Here are the incredible projects competing for the #PublicChoiceAward:

1. Algeria’s Green Conservation Force – Affak El Mouhit: Dedicated to environmental protection and biodiversity preservation.

2. The Green Guardians of Lebanon – Akkar Trail: Mission encompassing biodiversity conservation, forest regeneration, and circular economy initiatives.

3. Seeds of Change for a Sustainable Tomorrow – CEDAR association, Algeria: Committed to protecting nature and biodiversity, with a focus on preserving the Cedar Atlas Tree.

4. Preserving Local Heritage by Restoring Timimoun’s Oases – Tifaotziri Association, Algeria: Focuses on revitalizing oases in Timimoun through sustainable agriculture and ecotourism initiatives.

5. Orange-Peel Couture by Palestinian Furange – Furange: Sustainable textile business creating eco-friendly fabric from orange peels.

6. Green Grafts for Desert Conservation – Pistachio Grafts – Algeria: Rehabilitation of the Atlas Pistachio Tree in arid zones.

7. Lebanon’s Bio-Stimulating Solution – Remer: Addresses soil degradation through sustainable agricultural practices.

8. TheOtherForest – TheOtherDada – Lebanon: Transforming urban environments into inter-species habitats through regenerative architecture and afforestation.

Save the Date: Closing Ceremony

Mark your calendars! The closing ceremony for the Eyes on Earth contest and the announcement of winners will take place on Thursday, 06 June, in Cairo, Egypt. Join us as we celebrate the outstanding contributions of all participants and unveil the winners who are making a tangible difference in environmental preservation and sustainability.

Stay tuned for more updates and exciting developments as we move closer to the closing ceremony. Let’s work together to keep our Eyes on Earth and ensure a greener, more sustainable future for generations to come.