Israel: discover the 12 green business ideas selected through the first call for applications

18 persons are participating to the first workshops to develop their sustainable green business ideas after their projects were selected by the Israeli Switchers Support National Partnership.

Published on Monday 26 July 2021· START-UPS AND ENTREPRENEURS

After the launch of its first call for applications back in June, the Israeli Switchers Support National Partnership, led by SwitchMed local partner the Tel Aviv University, has selected 12 green business projects to complete the Green Entrepreneurship Programme journey. In total, 18 green entrepreneurs, of which 10 women, are participating in the workshops to develop their sustainable business models according to the methodology developed by the Regional Activity Centre for Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP/RAC). The workshops are being organized from the 29th of June until the 29th of July in the Entrepreneurship Center at Tel Aviv University.

Here are the 12 business ideas that were selected:
– The first project, electric cars with solar batteries, aims at installing solar panels on electric and / or hybrid vehicles, which will allow an average saving of up to 40% of the electricity consumption.
SUNGO provides an effective sun protection solution through an ecological and green product.
Hazardous containers design redesigns HMS (hazardous materials) containers in order to allow them to be recycled. These special containers are used in industry in massive quantities and are not recyclable due to the hazardous material that comes in contact with them.
BSF Farm grows black soldier fly larvae to process organic waste and produce a sustainable source of protein for animal feed.
GreenUP is developing a procedure for collecting restaurants waste, converting it into 100% biodegradable and recyclable products that can be used by the same restaurants and others. In that way, plastic use will be reduced and replaced by environment-friendly products. The GreenUP technology is able to convert each ton of bio-waste to 33kg of a totally degradable PHA polymer. then used to produce biodegradable products.
Quad promotes a new vision for urban living by empowering city communities to live sustainably. For this reason, they are developing a marketplace of privately-owned open spaces. Through their innovative platform. they connect landowners with city users, allowing the utilization of these spaces to their maximum potential.
Sustainable Orchard is about self-harvesting on a farm, to teach and encourage people to eat and grow healthy food, while providing information and guidance.
Green Pack deals with solving plastic and specific pollution problems, with biodegradable plastic packaging for polluting industries such as the food industry. The venture aims to keep plastics within the industry, but away from the environment, by providing biodegradable solutions and semi-rigid packaging.
Sheep wool aims to create a device that cleans the wool without chemicals and without or little water. The clean wool will then be used for insulating homes.
Greengo is an application that will reflect to each user the estimated amount of carbon emitted from his daily conduct and will offer customized options for offsetting the amount.
Goozzy App supports in sustainable fashion consumptions and purchases. Goozzy develop preferences model by AI that learns the users fashion preferences and styling, and suggest purchases according to the user.
Neat is a soot filter for the engine development of the vehicle.

Some of these trainees will have the opportunity to get into the incubation programme or participate in the Switchers Meet Investors event to be organized in the following months.

The next call for applications to select and train more Israeli green entrepreneurs will be launched in august.

The next call for applications to select and train more green entrepreneurs in Israel will be launched in august.