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Together with the ZDHC Foundation, UNIDO will, on 21 September, hold a webinar for members of the African textile, leather, footwear and apparel industry to share experiences and initial results from the SwitchMed programme.

Published on Wednesday 31 August 2022· INDUSTRY AND SERVICE PROVIDERS

The half-day webinar for African industry actors will present the ZDHC Foundation Roadmap to Zero Programme, eliminating hazardous chemicals in the fashion industry. Preliminary results from the EU-funded SwitchMed programme will also be introduced by UNIDO, including future UNIDO projects for the African textile industry.

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CET Name of session Language
08:30 Opening and welcoming notes from ZDHC and UNIDO English
08:35 Introduction to ZDHC, the ZDHC guidelines and solutions for better chemical management English
09:00 Introduction to the Gateway platform English
09:30 Introduction to the Supplier to Zero Programme
10:00 Break English
10:15 ZDHC’s engagement in Egypt English
10:35 The SwitchMed Programme: initial results from four UNIDO pilot projects from Morocco and Tunisia. Followed by a panel discussion on opportunities, challenges and benefits of ZDHC certification. English
11:50 Break
12:00 Introduction to the Ethiopia and South Africa project English
12:10 Ethiopia project ZDHC in collaboration with GIZ English
12:40 An introduction to UNIDO projects in southern Africa English
13:10 Conclusions from the day English
13:15 End


ZDHC is a multi-stakeholder organization comprising over 170 contributors across the industry, including Brands, Suppliers, Chemical Suppliers, and Solution Providers. The Roadmap to Zero Programme by ZDHC leads the fashion industry to eliminate harmful chemicals from its global supply chain by building the foundation for more sustainable manufacturing to protect workers, consumers and the planet’s ecosystems.

Under the EU-funded SwitchMed/MED TEST III project, UNIDO, together with ZDHC, is building local capacities in Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia to implement sustainable chemical management practices that can help protect the environment and increase the ability of the textile and fashion industry to produce in line with international standards.

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