Remarkable success for the Green Entrepreneurship Program in Jordan: Inspiring Stories and Promising Investment Opportunities

"Switchers Meet Investors" brought together a dynamic cohort of entrepreneurs from the latest phase of the Green Entrepreneurship Program by SwitchMed in Jordan alongside a select group of investors and donors.

Published on Friday 08 March 2024· START-UPS AND ENTREPRENEURS

The Green Entrepreneurship Program offers a comprehensive journey to support entrepreneurs in the field of the green economy, beginning with training in green entrepreneurship skills, business plan writing, and attracting investments. In Jordan, the program has trained a total of 37 experts, with 35% being women, who are members of 16 Business Support Organizations (BSOs). The program has achieved significant milestones in a short span, with over 150 entrepreneurs participating in its sessions, half of whom are women. Between 15-20 environmentally friendly entrepreneurial projects are incubated in 8 governorates of Jordan, where entrepreneurs receive vital support, advice, and guidance to develop their projects.

The 28th of February, entrepreneurs had the opportunity to pitch their projects to potential investors at the Switchers Meet Investors event, paving the way for funding numerous outstanding ideas.

In a collaborative effort, the National Network for Green Entrepreneurship was established through partnerships with over 55 private and official entities under the European Union’s auspices. This initiative aims to enhance the exchange of experiences and cooperation among various stakeholders in the green economy sector.

Mr. Ghaleb Hajazi, Director of the Business Development Center – BDC, empathized the importance of supporting entrepreneurs in the green economy and highlighted the program’s remarkable results in empowering youth to transform their ideas into successful projects.

MedWaves, responsible for implementing the Green Entrepreneurship Program of SwitchMed in eight South Mediterranean countries, views this event as a significant milestone. It symbolizes the culmination of SwitchMed’s efforts over nearly a decade in fostering green entrepreneurship in the region. Additionally, it serves as a platform for promising green businesses to connect with potential investors through the Elevator Pitch event. Ms. Noelia Martínez, representing MedWaves: the UNEP/MAP Regional Activity Centre for SCP, expressed pride in the partnership with BDC for implementing the Green Entrepreneurship Program. MedWaves aims to support countries like Jordan in transitioning towards sustainable consumption and production (SCP) and a circular economy.

The event at Souq Anbar underscores the importance of networking, facilitating connections between incubated projects and donor agencies to establish their initiatives. Additionally, BDC is organizing dialogue sessions and awareness-raising events about the green economy to further bolster its impact. The success of the Green Entrepreneurship Program in empowering entrepreneurs and advancing the green economy in Jordan is evident in these remarkable results. Face-to-face assessments were conducted with the latest batch of incubated entrepreneurs, and the SwitchMed program team also visited the German Jordan University, where two of the incubated entrepreneurs originate from, further highlighting the program’s reach and impact.

"Through initiatives like the Green Entrepreneurship Program, we aim to empower aspiring entrepreneurs in countries like Jordan to lead the transition towards sustainable consumption and production and a circular economy."

Noelia Martínez, project manager