Save the Date: Euro Med Weeks of Waste Reduction Ceremony in Marseille

Mark your calendars for a momentous occasion as we announce the Save the Date for the Euro Med Weeks of Waste Reduction (EMWWR) Awards Ceremony in Marseille, set to take place on the 18th of June!

Published on Monday 25 March 2024· POLICY

In celebration of Zero Waste Day, we are thrilled to invite you to join us for this event, where we will award the best initiatives from the EMWWR 2023. The EMWWR Awards Ceremony aims to recognize and applaud the outstanding efforts of Action Developers in the South Mediterranean Region who are leading the charge toward a circular economy.

This year marks the second edition of EMWWR, where we stand alongside EWWR in empowering communities and individuals to adopt sustainable practices. The EMWWR Call for Actions is designed to reward the most exceptional actions carried out during each edition, with a special focus on mobilizing youth aged 18 to 35 in the prevention and treatment of packaging waste and unnecessary packaging in the Southern Mediterranean area.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to meet the winners yet, allow us to introduce them to you:

INDINYA AROMES AND MORE: Initiatives include waste reduction programs, upcycling workshops, educational workshops for youth, collaboration with local businesses for eco-packaging solutions, and empowerment of women.

Multi Aid Programs – MAPs: Engages youth as ambassadors for environmental sustainability, conducts awareness sessions about PET plastic waste, provides 3D design training to create products using recycled PET, and participates in conferences and events addressing environmental issues.

Recycle Lebanon – TerraPods: Offers a Bio-Design Youth Fellowship program, focusing on developing green and circular businesses, showcasing resulting products in an art exhibit, and selling them at the EcoSouk marketplace.

APLM – Protection of Our Sea and Lagoon: Develops workshops on coastal cleanups, sustainable living practices, the role of women entrepreneurs in the circular economy, and community engagement.

These remarkable Action Developers will attend the ceremony and present their impactful actions. Join us in Marseille on the 18th of June as we come together to celebrate their achievements and inspire further progress toward a waste-free future.

Stay tuned for more updates and details on the EMWWR Awards Ceremony.