SCP/RAC promoting circular businesses in the Mediterranean thanks to 8 sustainable travel and consumption guides

The social media campaign for the Switchers Travel and Sustainable Consumption Guides proved to be successful.

Published on Tuesday 20 October 2020· NETWORKING FACILITY

Now more than ever, the world has realised that supporting green businesses like TheSwitchers is needed, leading the way to an urgently needed sustainable consumption and production system that is healthier and more resilient.

The Regional Activity Centre for Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP/RAC) has been working for 2 years on creating publications, as part of the EU-funded SwitchMed programme, to increase the visibility of the Switchers and the green products and services they are offering, and hopefully their sales as well. As SCP/RAC is aware how valuable social media marketing can be for the Switchers, it has invested so far in the content creation of 8 publications, many visuals and ad campaigns.

Over a year ago, SCP/RAC published the sustainable travel guides in Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco and Tunisia.

The mobile-friendly guides offer a variety of authentic travel experiences, with their diverse accommodation types, activities, souvenir products and traditional food, for any budget. The social media campaign was broadcasted in summer 2019. It reached 1.800.000 people and brought to the website more than 22k visitors.

A few months ago, the sustainable catalogues in Palestine and Israel were published, which are sustainable consumption guides where some of the wonderful and eco-friendly products and services in tourism, agriculture, textile and clothing, resource efficiency and renewable energy, are compiled.


The catalogues’ social media campaigns have just come to an end. SwitchMed and the Switchers wanted to share with you the encouraging results. The campaign reached 375k people and got over 40k clicks to the publication web page.

In total, both campaigns have reached more than 2 175k users in social media and these publications were seen by 66k visitors.

Proud of these outstanding results, SwitchMed and the Switchers hope that the campaign promoted the Switchers and will contribute to an increase in the demand for more resource efficient and sustainable products and services.

Finally, both programmes would like to dedicate this success to everyone who contributed to these publications helping the switch to more equitable and sustainable recovery in the Mediterranean region.

Keep an eye on the social media channels of both programmes, as they keep thriving to support Switchers community members around the Mediterranean to grow and scale their circular businesses.