SwitchMed Empowers Entrepreneurs Driving Sustainability in Israel

In a recent milestone for the SwitchMed Program, face-to-face meetings were conducted with the latest batch of entrepreneurs in Israel, signaling a new chapter of innovation and collaboration. The purpose of these visits to Tel Aviv and Haifa was to gain valuable insights into the firsthand experiences of these visionary entrepreneurs and understand how the SwitchMed training has amplified their current operations, fostering a culture of sustainability and innovation.

Published on Friday 04 August 2023· START-UPS AND ENTREPRENEURS

Meet the Change-makers

Having successfully launched and established their companies, the entrepreneurs now face the final challenge of utilizing the impact measurement tool to showcase the economic, social, and environmental ripple effects of their businesses on society. Their commitment goes beyond individual success as they actively seek synergistic collaboration with other entities within the program, aligning their efforts with their respective sectors. Furthermore, they are dedicated to seeking support for international diffusion and promotion within the esteemed Switchers community.

BIPV – David Torgeman: A civil engineer with a passion for technology-integrated projects, David Torgeman leads BIPV Israel, specializing in Building Integrated Photovoltaics. Pioneering applications like pergolas, facades, and roofs, David envisions offering comprehensive solutions for buildings and municipalities, ensuring a sustainable future with green energy products.

Anat Gal – The Urban Birder: Anat’s deep connection with nature led her to launch initiatives that promote urban nature and wildlife appreciation. Through educational programs and the concept of “Nature Break,” Anat aims to foster a stronger bond between urban dwellers and the beauty of the natural world, highlighting the significance of biodiversity amidst city life.

Aya Tager – Eco Fun Box: As a sustainability/circular economy designer, Aya transforms trash and leftover materials into upcycled furniture and useful products. Her brainchild, the “Eco Fun Box,” empowers educators and parents to guide children in crafting practical items from recycled materials, instilling valuable lessons in sustainability and design principles.

Driving Sustainable Solutions Forward

The SwitchMed program played a vital role in accelerating the progress of these entrepreneurs. Through feedback, research, and testing, they have refined their ideas, transforming them into sustainable and impactful ventures.

These changemakers are actively seeking strategic partnerships to expand the reach of their initiatives, furthering their mission to promote sustainable practices on a larger scale. With unwavering dedication and support from SwitchMed and the wider community, they are poised to create lasting change, paving the way for a more sustainable and thriving world.