SwitchMed is seeking a Community and Engagement Officer to grow its partners’ network and the programme visibility

SCP/RAC is looking for a Community and Engagement officer to grow SwitchMed partners’ network, support their outreach toward donors and the Switchers community, one of the key project beneficiaries.

Published on Thursday 22 October 2020· NETWORKING FACILITY

Under the coordination of the SwitchMed Networking and Communication Facility’s Team Leader, the main tasks of the Community and Engagement Officer are as follows:

1) Contributing to manage and grow SwitchMed and SCP/RAC partners’ network:
• Mapping and identifying strategic partners in line with SwitchMed and SCP/RAC mandate and strategies.
• Building and maintaining strategic partnerships with other organizations and to ensure SwitchMed and SCP/RAC services and tools are disseminated.
• Organizing key networking events and supporting project partners in achieving the successful implementation of public events.
• Contributing to the design and development of the “SwitchMed Connect”, the project’s flagship networking event.

2) Managing the Switchers community:
• Planning and implementing the community management strategy, procuring and supervising external service providers.
• Organizing events and identifying mobility and B2B opportunities for the community members, liaising with external public and private partners.
• Implementing the communication plan, in line with SCP/RAC strategies, including the supervision of the community website and social media.
• Identifying and developing innovative approaches to foster the community engagement, increasing awareness and understanding of Circular Economy and SCP.
• Cooperating with the Green Entrepreneurship and Civil Society department to design, develop and convey services to the community, informing on technical assistance and funding opportunities.
• Maintain up-to-date awareness of community perceptions of and feedback to improve the service offer for sustainable entrepreneurship.

3) Supporting the outreach of SwitchMed and SCP/RAC toward public and private stakeholders:
• Developing engagement strategies, knowledge products and other materials to enhance SCP/RAC visibility and positioning.
• Developing and implementing fundraising strategies in line with SwitchMed strategies.
• Increasing coverage and presence of project partners in national and international events and relevant fora.
• Creating corporate campaigns to position the project with national and international potential donors.
• Liaising with the Communication Manager to ensure donor-oriented communication contents development.
• Participating in events and missions abroad.

The position demands a degree or equivalent in communication, marketing (or a related discipline), or equivalent experience in a communication position.
Complete details for the assignment are provided in the terms of reference (in catalan)
Deadline: Interested candidates are kindly requested to submit their proposals no later than midnight CEST on 2nd November 2020.