SwitchMed is seeking a consultant to develop a methodology of corporate venturing for companies and public entities

The selected consultant shall develop a methodology aimed for potential innovation agents developing a blueprint for open innovation activities.

Published on Friday 12 March 2021· START-UPS AND ENTREPRENEURS

The objective of this consultancy is to develop a corporate venturing methodology that supports the matching between the seekers of green and circular business solutions with the providers (start-ups/entrepreneurs) using an open innovation approach.

The target users of this methodology are innovation agents from outside of the organisations (third parties) that facilitate collaboration between the company/public entity and the start-up.

The methodology should serve to solve sustainable innovation challenges from different sectors (e.g. textile industry, tourism) coming from both private and public organisations.

The main tasks are the following:
Definition of objectives by the innovation agent: the methodology should provide guidance on how an innovation agent should conceptualize its action to support the adoption of corporate venturing by external organisations. It can include different aspects: context analysis, setting objectives and indicators, setting an action plan etc.
Identification and acquisition of the seekers of solutions: Guidance should be provided on how to identify and acquire potential beneficiaries (companies/public entities) from different value chains. It should include a proposal of the most suitable actions to attract clients, for instance, through the involvement of chambers of commerce, sectoral business associations or local or regional governments, the organization of offline/online workshops within a company or with different companies, communication campaign etc.
Formulation of the eco-innovation challenge: A blueprint to formulate an eco-innovation challenge has to be devised, envisaging mechanisms to engage and network companies and/or public authorities and innovation communities.
Call for Solutions: The methodology will have to identify the best-fit process to facilitate and launching Calls for Solutions. It should include indications on the information that the call should include such as target group, eligibility criteria, clear description of the circular economy challenge, other background information, the award/benefits (grant and technical assistance), if any and, rules to submit and to select the solutions (e.g. selection committee). Indications should be also provided on how to launch the Call for Solutions and how to promote and disseminate it (e.g. through online tools, social media campaign, webinars or onsite events etc.).
Selection of solutions and matchmaking: A selection process should be defined including selection criteria, scoring table and selection committee composition. At the end of the process the best solution should be selected by the innovation agent and the beneficiary.
Facilitation of successful matches: A proposal on how to facilitate the match between the seeker of the solution and the solver should be done in order to facilitate the development of the innovation. It should include type of support services and/or award, timeline etc. And it should also be provided a template for the engagement model between the seeker and the innovation provider.
Knowledge transfer: The consultant will have to document and systematize the work in a way it can be public and used as basis to transfer knowledge to the project partners. Two webinar will be organized, targeting local partners in 8 Mediterranean Countries.
Public disclosure and dissemination: A briefing will be drafted to support outreach and dissemination activity.

Complete details for the assignment are provided in the terms of reference.

Deadline: Interested candidates are kindly requested to submit their proposals no later than midnight CEST on 24 March.