Trainings of Trainers near completion in five target countries

In Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine and Tunisia, no less than 106 experts have been trained so far through the ToT programme of their Switchers Support National Partnerships. They will be able to transfer their knowledge to other trainers and support entrepreneurs in creating and developing their sustainable businesses.

Published on Tuesday 15 December 2020· START-UPS AND ENTREPRENEURS

The Regional Activity Centre for Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP/RAC) will complete SwitchMed’s Training of Trainers programme (ToT) for Sustainable Business Development in five target countries by January 2021. The ToTs aim at enhancing the capacities of the Business Support Organizations (BSOs) members of the Switchers Support National Partnership promoted by SwitchMed in the following countries: Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan, Tunisia and Morocco.

A total of 106 experts (44% women) representing around 60 BSOs have been trained on Sustainable Business Development so far, transferring them SwitchMed set of tools and methodologies. SCP/RAC has delivered 16 online workshops so far, with a total of 46 days of trainings. In each country, the cycle of trainings is made of 4 different ToTs, as follows:

• Sustainable Business Model Development;
• Sustainable Business Plan Development, including Environmental and Social impact evaluation;
• Product and Service Eco-design;
• Access to Finance and Access to Market.

Sustainable Business Model and Sustainable Business Plan Development ToTs are certified on the basis of a final test. 73 trainers (47% women) successfully passed the final test and have been certified to implement SwitchMed Sustainable Business Model and Plan methodologies.

Thanks to the ToT programme, trainers from the BSOs members of the Switchers Support National Partnerships will be able to support entrepreneurs to create sustainable businesses with the support of an innovative set of online tools. As a matter of fact, all the tools for both trainers and entrepreneurs in addition to other stakeholders, will be made available through an online platform to be launched in 2021.

With regards to training evaluation from the participants, 89% of the trainees rated the training as good or very good. 98% intend to include the contents of the trainings and the tools into the training programmes of their BSOs as well as to replicate the contents and transfer the tools to other trainers. Finally, 84% of the trainees think that after the training they will be able to support entrepreneurs to develop their sustainable businesses thanks to SwitchMed methodology and tools.