Developing sustainable and circular business models

New companies and start-ups are key enablers of green and circular economy business models needed for the transition towards sustainable consumption and production patterns. Under the lead of MedWaves, the United Nations Environment Programme Mediterranean Action Plan (UNEP/MAP) regional activity centre for Sustainable Consumption and Production (formerly known as SCP/RAC), enhanced business support services are provided for both business support organisations and entrepreneurs to foster the creation, incubation and acceleration of sustainable business models.

How do we do this?

· By creating ‘Switchers Support National Partnerships’

· By developing sustainable business development tools

· By supporting access to finance through the Switchers Fund

· By building a network of changemakers through the Switchers Community

The ‘Switchers Support National Partnerships’

MedWaves is building an ecosystem to support sustainable business development through national partnerships convening public and private Business Support Organisations (BSOs). Capacity-building, technical, financial and networking support are provided in order to boost their service offers targeting green and circular economy entrepreneurs


The Switchers Fund

The SwitchersFund supports eco and social innovators through a blend of private and public money, technical assistance and grants.
The SwitchersFund serves as a meeting place for private funders including foundations, private donors and impact investors, that can use it as a way to identify interesting projects in the Mediterranean that can be funded directly.


SwitchMed and
the Blue Economy

Supporting start-ups and entrepreneurs spread eco-innovative ideas and leverage
the potential of sustainable business models for the Blue Economy