Accelerating Sustainable Consumption and Production: Highlights from the 2023 SDG Summit

The 2023 SDG Summit, held in New York on September 18-19, marked a crucial milestone in the collective effort to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030.

Published on Friday 22 September 2023· NETWORKING FACILITY

Against the backdrop of pressing global challenges, world leaders convened at the United Nations Headquarters to renew commitments and outline transformative actions. SDG 12, emphasizing the need to ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns, calls for nations and organizations to adopt more efficient and environmentally friendly practices. SwitchMed emerges as a pivotal player in achieving this goal through its dedicated efforts in the Mediterranean. By promoting sustainable consumption and production, SwitchMed contributes significantly to the broader mission of the 2030 Agenda.

SwitchMed’s Role in Addressing SDG 12 Challenges:

The Global Sustainable Development Report 2023 highlights challenges within SDG 12, particularly in reducing domestic material consumption. Overconsumption, resulting in climate change, biodiversity loss, and pollution, poses a triple planetary crisis. SwitchMed addresses these challenges through its thematic areas:

Industry: SwitchMed, under the lead of UNIDO, collaborates with industries in the Southern Mediterranean to reduce resource consumption, waste, and pollution. The program explores greener and circular business models to improve environmental footprints and business performance.

Policy: SwitchMed strengthens policy frameworks to enable the transition towards sustainable consumption and production patterns and a circular economy in the Mediterranean.

Start-ups and Entrepreneurs: The program supports new companies and start-ups as key enablers of green and circular economy business models. Through initiatives like ‘Switchers Support National Partnerships,’ sustainable business development tools, and access to finance via the Switchers Fund, SwitchMed fosters the creation of sustainable business models.

Networking Facility: SwitchMed collaborates with key stakeholders and initiatives in the Mediterranean through events, creating a network of changemakers committed to sustainable consumption and production.

SwitchMed emerges as a transformative force in driving sustainable consumption and production. The program’s strategic alignment with the objectives of SDG 12, coupled with its comprehensive initiatives, positions it as a key player in building a more sustainable and harmonious future. By rethinking economic activities and fostering collaboration, SwitchMed contributes significantly to ensuring that SDGs become the building blocks of success for every country and community.