GJU and BDC Pave the Way for Green Entrepreneurship in Jordan

Empowering the Next Generation through Collaborative Initiatives in the SwitchMed Project

Published on Thursday 16 November 2023· START-UPS AND ENTREPRENEURS

The dynamic collaboration between the German Jordanian University (GJU) and the Business Development Center (BDC) within the framework of the SwitchMed Project is an inspiring demonstration to their joint dedication to nurturing entrepreneurship and sustainable business practices in Jordan. This partnership underscores the pivotal role that educational institutions play in shaping the future of sustainable economies, particularly at the student level, where the foundation for impactful change is laid.

Partnerships with educational institutions help train and prepare the next generation of entrepreneurs and professionals to contribute to a more sustainable economy at the student level. The university, together with the Business Development Centre and the incubated Switchers project, Evinment, orchestrated the Green Week Event in 2022. This event featured activities and workshops centred around climate-related topics such as hydroponics, water-efficient techniques for arid areas, environmental awareness, and strategies for addressing climate change. Additionally, the event delved into practical daily measures for preservation, including sustainable practices at home and eco-conscious shopping.

As we transition into the final phase of SwitchMed in 2023, the German Jordanian University is actively incubating two promising companies – Brain Signal Wheelchair and Within Your Reach. The former aspires to provide accessible electric sustainable wheelchairs for transportation, constructed from environmentally friendly materials and currently in the process of patent registration. The second is committed to offering accessible electric vehicles through a mobile app, catering to both users and wheelchair-accessible locations.

Nidal Alshwawreh, the Dean of Innovation, Technology Transfer, and Entrepreneurship at the German Jordanian University, recently participated in the Switchers Support National Partnerships (SSNP) Regional Exchange in La Marsa, Tunisia. He shared insights into the university’s commitment to fostering green entrepreneurs through the Switchers Support National Partnership. Alshwawreh emphasized the strategic significance of their partnership with the Business Development Center, envisioning it as a catalyst for supporting innovative and sustainable solutions to local, regional, and global challenges. Reflecting on the regional exchange, he acknowledged the tremendous potential of collaborative efforts spanning Jordan, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, and Europe.

The German Jordanian University, established in 2005, follows the German applied-sciences model, focusing on the practical application of knowledge and knowledge transfer. With a diverse student body of around 5,000, GJU offers over 20 high-quality undergraduate and graduate programs. The university places a strong emphasis on research and research-led teaching, maintaining bilateral agreements for cooperation and exchange with universities worldwide.

The Business Development Center (BDC), a Jordanian non-profit organization founded in 2004, is dedicated to promoting sustainable socio-economic development through employability and entrepreneurship training programs. Operating throughout Jordan, including remote areas, BDC has reached over 4,000,000 people in collaboration with international donors, INGOs, and UN agencies. Through community-led solutions, BDC acts as a local multiplier for inclusive regional economic development.

The collaboration between the German Jordanian University and the Business Development Center exemplifies the proactive steps being taken to empower the next generation of entrepreneurs and professionals in the pursuit of sustainable solutions. As SwitchMed enters its final phase, the impact of such partnerships is poised to create lasting change in Jordan and beyond.