Meet George Kassab, Lebanese SwitchMed beneficiary and founder of TIREVOLUTION

Discover the story of TIREVOLUTION, an initiative recycling tires in Lebanon. Through this interview, its founder George Kassab explains his experience with SwitchMed and how he is now facing the COVID-19 situation.

Published on Monday 20 July 2020· START-UPS AND ENTREPRENEURS

TIREVOLUTION is an initiative from Chekka (Lebanon) that contributes to the switch to a circular economy. Not only is the project recycling tires and supplying rubber, but it is also recycling the industrial waste coming from his founder’s factory with the aim to reach a zero-waste policy.

George Kassab, the green entrepreneur behind this project, is a beneficiary from SwitchMed phase I. In this interview, he describes his experience with SwitchMed, explains how he turned a family business into an innovative company looking towards a more sustainable future and gives advice to aspiring green entrepreneurs.