SwitchMed Green Entrepreneurship programme kicks-off in 6 countries

This milestone of SwitchMed Phase II (2019-2022) was made possible through the commitment of a local partner organisation in each country responsible for the implementation of this programme at the national scale.

Published on Friday 08 May 2020· START-UPS AND ENTREPRENEURS

As part of the Start-ups and Entrepreneurs area of the SwitchMed initiative, the Green Entrepreneurship programme aims at providing a full range of activities and tools to support green entrepreneurs throughout the southern Mediterranean region.

The six local partners implementing the Green Entrepreneurship programme are:

· Centre des Très Petites Entreprises Solidaires (CTPES), in Morocco
· Centre National des Technologies de Production plus Propre (CNTPP), in Algeria
· Centre International des Technologies de l’Environnement de Tunis (CITET), in Tunisia
· Business Development Center (BDC), in Jordan
· Palestine Center for Continuing Education – Birzeit University (CCE), in Palestine
· Fondation Diane, in Lebanon

In the coming months, the local partners and the Regional Activity Centre for Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP/RAC) will set up a “Switchers Support National Partnership” in each country. In more concrete terms, those partnerships will bring together public and private Business Support Organisations (BSOs) that will provide sustainable business development services to the green entrepreneurs enrolled in the programme, including training, mentoring, incubation and technical assistance.

Through SwitchMed Phase I (2013-2018) and the local partners‘ commitment, 2 201 green entrepreneurs (38% women) had been trained and supported to develop their green business models across the southern Mediterranean.