Mark Your Calendar: WeMed Awards 2023 Ceremony in Tunisia on October 23rd

The WeMed Awards Ceremony is on the horizon, ready to recognize and celebrate pioneers in sustainable development

Published on Thursday 28 September 2023· POLICY

The WeMed Awards Ceremony is on the horizon, ready to recognize and celebrate pioneers in sustainable development

The WeMed Awards and Its Mission: The WeMed Mediterranean Sustainability Award stands as a groundbreaking initiative, acknowledging the inclusive journey toward sustainability. A flagship of the UNEP/MAP Mediterranean strategy, this award is not just a ceremony; it is a call for radical change. Climate change, biodiversity loss, urbanization, and resource consumption demand innovative approaches, and the WeMed Awards aim to spotlight those at the forefront.

Funded by ENI CBC Med and the SwitchMed Initiative, the 2023 edition is a crucial part of the RESET project. This project, focused on sustainable, green, and circular business support achievements, serves as a bridge to replication and policy-making, emphasizing the importance of EU projects in the region.

Categories and Prizes: This year’s WeMed Awards will honor Business Support Organizations and Entrepreneurs/Start-ups with generous prizes. From the Northern to the Southern Mediterranean, the awards, valued at €9,000 each, reflect a commitment to fostering green business support and circular economy initiatives.

The Selection Process: With the call closed on September 11th, the spotlight now turns to the distinguished jury tasked with selecting the best green entrepreneurs and business support organizations. These exceptional individuals, with diverse backgrounds and expertise, bring a wealth of experience to the table.

Meet the Jury:

Hichem Salem: With nearly two decades in the International Development Sector, Hichem Salem, Project Manager at MedWaves, leads the charge for green entrepreneurship in the Maghreb.

Nabil Hassan: Managing Partner at Beyond Group, Nabil specializes in circular innovation, startups, and policy advocacy, contributing significantly to sustainable business development in the MENA region.

Noelia Martínez Huerga: A coordinator and project manager, Noelia’s international experience in marketing and sales, coupled with her focus on digital innovation, adds a unique perspective to the jury.

Amany Hamdany: As the Founder of Conceptia and CEO of Pedalo, Amany blends architecture and social entrepreneurship, bringing a wealth of experience in alternative transportation and social development.

Aseel Said: ENI CBC MED officer at Leaders International, Aseel Saied is passionate about creating change, supporting women, and fostering innovation in Palestine and the MENA region.

The Grand Celebration in Tunisia: Mark your calendars for October 23rd at 16:00 CEST, as Tunisia becomes the stage for the WeMed Awards Ceremony. The event promises a deep dive into best practices in green entrepreneurship and circular economy, followed by the awarding ceremony and networking opportunities.

The WeMed Awards, organized by MedWaves, not only recognizes success stories but also serves as a catalyst for change. Through the lens of sustainability, this ceremony sheds light on the critical role played by different actors in supporting green, blue, and circular economies in the Mediterranean. As the winners prepare to take the stage, the WeMed Awards underscore the importance of collaborative efforts in driving the transition towards a greener future.