UNEP launching eight reports on "How countries are switching to a Circular Economy" 

How Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine and Tunisia are switching to a Circular Economy

Published on Thursday 15 February 2024· POLICY

Under SwitchMed II, a list of short documents “How countries are switching to a Circular Economy” give an overview on how the SwitchMed countries are implementing  activities/policies/programs on SCP and Circular Economy.  The aim was not to present an exhaustive list of all the work that is being done by each country at national level but should rather be seen as some concrete examples on how the SwitchMed policy work that UNEP has been coordinated since 2015 has supported, inspired and directly implemented CE/SCP work at national level.

In the document you will see 10 success stories inspired by the work of SwitchMed in each SwitchMed project country. They show how what began in workshops developed into plans that created a ripple that flowed out around the country. This short publication shows that opportunities for countries from sustainable consumption and production are rich and varied.

SCP is about doing more and better with less. It is about meeting humanity’s needs but remaining within planetary boundaries, about using the natural resources that the Earth provides without degrading the environment. Now in its second phase, the SwitchMed projects works to support the development of policies and practices that support a switch to sustainable consumption and production (SCP) in the Southern Mediterranean region and to make the circular economy the mainstream business model there.

It is clear that SCP is no longer just something discussed in meeting rooms. Now it is happening on the ground, across business and industry, in cities and regions, reducing pollution, improving the air we breathe, and promoting better use of nature’s gifts through resource-efficient and low-carbon consumption and production practices. The Switch to SCP is off and running. SwitchMed is proud to have supported the countries in its work to build a society where people and planet thrive and prosper together.

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