New Trainings of Trainers for Lebanon and Morocco in the context of SwitchMed Green Entrepreneurship Programme

Two additional Trainings of Trainers were held online in mid-September for Lebanon and Morocco. These trainings, aiming at transferring specific Green Entrepreneurship tools and knowledge to the members of the Switchers Support National Partnerships, were carried out by SCP/RAC.

Published on Tuesday 13 October 2020· START-UPS AND ENTREPRENEURS

SwitchMed Green Entrepreneurship Programme proceeds in Lebanon and Morocco with the organisation of a Training of Trainers (ToT) for each of these two countries. Both trainings, carried out by the Regional Activity Centre for Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP/RAC), took place online in mid-September within the framework of the Moroccan and Lebanese Switchers Support National Partnerships, a coalition of Business Support Organisations (BSOs) cooperating on the development of a green support ecosystem at the national level.

SwitchMed Green Entrepreneurship Programme envisages a series of ToTs in each Switchers Support National Partnership, namely:

1) Sustainable Business Model Development;
2) Sustainable Business Plan Development, including an introduction to the MEAL system (Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning)
3) Product and Service Eco-design;
4) Access to Finance and Access to Market.

From 16 to 18 September, SCP/RAC carried out the second online Training of Trainers for Lebanon, dedicated to Sustainable Business Plan Development. 17 representatives of 10 BSOs attended the training which was facilitated using webinars during which trainees analysed a business plan with sustainability lenses. They could navigate and access the full methodology content through the new-born Sustainable Business Plan Development Toolbox, recently developed by SCP/RAC.
The first Training of Trainers in Lebanon, dealing with Sustainable Business Model Development, had been organised back in July.

Concerning Morocco, SCP/RAC has carried out a 4-day online training from 15 to 18 September on Sustainable Business Model Development for trainers and experts appointed by the Moroccan BSOs. It was the first ToT organised in that country, following the launch of its National Partnership. 22 representatives of 18 BSOs attended the training, which was facilitated using webinars, coupled with specific exercises to be done on the Sustainable Business Model Development Toolbox.
As for Lebanon, Morocco’s second training will focus on Sustainable Business Plan Development and will be carried out in early November.

Today, another ToT is starting on Sustainable Green Business Model Development for both Palestine and Jordan. This joint training will be held online until the 19th October.