Now open: the stakeholder consultation on a set of policy recommendations to support the development of green and circular businesses in the Mediterranean!

If you are representing an entity that could be involved in the implementation of the measures (policy makers, business support organisations, financial institutions, academia/research institutions, industries, Civil Society Organisations, experts, development agencies, etc.) or if you are a start-up, entrepreneur, SME that coud benefit from the implementation of these measures, take this opportunity to give your feedback!

Published on Tuesday 01 December 2020· POLICY

During the last COP21 of the Barcelona Convention held in December 2019, Mediterranean countries requested the preparation of a set of regional measures to support the development of green and circular businesses and strengthen the demand for more sustainable products (Decision IG.24/13). SCP/RAC, together with a team of experts, analysed the situation in each of the Mediterranean countries and developed a proposal of recommendations to be considered for the preparation of the set of regional measures.

Before being reviewed by the Contracting Parties to the Barcelona Convention, SwitchMed is opening a stakeholders’ consultation process in order to consolidate the recommendations by integrating inputs from key stakeholders.  The consultation seeks feedback from established green and circular economy businesses but also from the ecosystem of stakeholders supporting them: public authorities with programmes and policies aimed at these businesses, business support organisations, financial institutions, civil society and other organisations and programmes in the region that may be affected by the proposed measures.

If you are one of those stakeholders, please have your say and participate in the online survey before the 10th of January 2021! Click HERE to access the consultation platform.

The survey is available in English and French. It will be available in Arabic soon.

The recommendations that stakeholders will evaluate are based on the results of an assessment coordinated by SCP/RAC on the enabling environment for green and circular economy businesses in 23 countries sharing the Mediterranean Sea. This assessment considered the many aspects of the enabling environment with a potential impact on the success of green and circular economy businesses, including the policy and regulatory framework, market demand and investment climate, the socio-cultural context, as well as obstacles and opportunities. Its results are summarised in a series of country profiles and sub-regional summaries that are available as informational documents on the consultation platform.